Your department can be one of the first to discover the power of what FLARE can do! We've created a Discovery program which will provide you with exclusive access to content, training, and hands-on testing with our hardware and our software.


If you already know about FLARE and would like to sign up for our Discovery program, skip ahead.

We've designed, built, and patented an indoor positioning system that will dramatically improve situational awareness for the men & women who risk their lives for us daily... 

Heat and shock resistant.
No internet, no hubs, no wires.   
Fully replaceable at no extra cost.       
Swap units with members, share them with aid.  


A wearable
for every firefighter:
An intuitive app
for any officer:

Assign your crew, see all companies.
Track member location and heat.
Sense issues early, find help fast.
Review history, inform inspection.
Sync data from the hall, get reports.
Replay incidents, inspire best practices.

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