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Changing The Face Of Accountability For The Fire Service

Learn how Florian is bringing accountability into the digital era. We're moving way beyond dog tags and whiteboards. 

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Webinar - Wildland Firefighter Applications

Florian is the next generation in accountability software for the fire service.  In this webinar, we're going to take a deep-dive into the features and benefits that Florian can bring to the fire service.

Attend this Florian webinar and re-imagine the way that you manage critical incidents with real-time tracking, radio transcription and so much more.

What to expect:
  • Overview (Product features & benefits)

  • Scenario (Reenactment Video)

  • Replay scenario with introduced

  • Q&A

Monday, February 15th

@ 6:00 pm EST

No other software product available on the market today offers the value and power of Florian.  Learn how you can empower everyone in your department to operate to their fullest potential.

This Weeks Hosts


Patrick O'Connor


During my time as a volunteer firefighter, I experienced the loss of firefighters due to the outdated accountability process and decided to do something about it.


Brandon Zarbo

Account Manager

The son of a retired Lieutenant for the Buffalo Fire Dept. I find myself heavily invested in the safety of our first responders. 

Learn About The Key Features

Below just scratches the surface on some of the groundbreaking features we will discuss in depth during the webinar. Believe us when we say there is so much more to Florian.

3D Maps

Size-up any incident digitally with a detailed 3D view that will assist with understanding the of the incident location prior to arrival

Mayday Alerts

Utilize our Artificial Intelligence to mitigate step-ons with an easy to understand mayday alert that grabs your attention 

ICS Rollup

Keep track of your personnel with collapsible team views that help to reduce noise on the fireground

Detailed Playback

Detailed 3D post incident playback enabling powerful debrief and training opportunities


Set geo-fenced zones and alert the public in seconds to either evacuate or shelter in place

Video Size-up

Capture geo-located video files to help understand the incident and and the severity

Tactical Tools

Create automated zones to know where your personnel are at all times

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Watch Past Demonstrations

Watch all previous webinars that we've hosted by clicking here. We cover everything from core features to general scenarios and how Florian can assist with those.

Below is our most recent demonstration.

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